ResultsWaxing Starter Kit

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Results Waxing Starter Kit has everything you need for quality home and salon wax treatments.

Included in kit: 

1 x Results Wax Heater

1 x 1kg Results Depilatory Warm Wax Tub

1 x 5 Results Wax Pot Collars 

1 x Results Fibre Wax Strip Roll 100mm x 75mm

1 x Plantworx Ultra Sensitive Hand & Body Sanitiser

1 x Pre Wax Treatment Spray

1 x Post Wax Treatment Spray

1 x Pair of Gorgeous Exfoliating Gloves  

1 x 100 Mini Wooden Spatulas

1 x 100 Tongue Depressors 150 x 17 x 1.6mm  

1 x 100 Proval Medium All Clear Vinyl Gloves

1 x Pointed Tip Professional Tweezers

Results Waxing Starter Kit includes all of the necessities for taking on hair removal clients by waxing. The kit, comprised of some salon favourites, includes: _x000D_ Results Wax Pot 1LT _x000D_ • Results Purple Lavender Wax 1kg _x000D_ • Results Steri-Wipes (x75) _x000D_ • Results Pre-Wax Cleanser 250ml _x000D_ • Results After Wax Treatment 250ml _x000D_ • Results Fibre Roll 3” 100m _x000D_ • Results Mini Spatulas (x100) _x000D_ • Results Tongue Depressors (x100) _x000D_ • Exfoliating Gloves White _x000D_ • Sharp Point Tweezer _x000D_ • Vinyl Gloves Medium (x100)_x000D_


Professional salon brand Results has everything needed for a busy salon or studio. From waxing and haircare to safety equipment, the Results range caters to a wide variety of hair and beauty services.

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