RefectocilBrow Mapper

Sku: 17208
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Map out desired brow shape ahead of tinting and waxing services with the RefectoCil Brow Mapper.

  • Pencil on desired brow shape ahead of services
  • Intense white colour for easy visibility
  • Water-resistant but still easy to remove
  • Includes nourishing ingredients such as anti-oxidant tocopherol

RefectoCil Brow Mapper is perfect for mapping out desired brow shapes ahead of any tinting and waxing services, helping to ensure desired result is achieved every time. With a water-resistant but still easy to remove formula, this pencil is highly pigmented for easy visibility.


RefectoCil are the go-to specialists for all eyebrow and eyelash styling. With a wide range of colour tints, tools and preparation equipment, the RefectoCil range is perfect for busy studios and salons.

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