RefectocilEye Papers Extra 80pk

Sku: 17268
Protect the lower eyelid area when tinting lashes with Extra Soft RefectoCil Eye Protection Papers (80 pce).

  • Free From Claims Icons_Alcohol Free.png Alcohol Free
  • Free From Claims Icons_Paraben Free.png Paraben Free
  • Free From Claims Icons_Ammonia Free.png Ammonia Free
  • Free From Claims Icons_PPD Free.png PPD Free
  • Free From Claims Icons_Gluten Gluten Free
  • Free From Claims Icons_Sulphate Free.png Sulphate Free
  • Free From Claims Icons_Silicone Free.png Silicone Free

  • Extra soft with special coating
  • For lash tinting
  • Lower lid application
  • Protects under eye area
  • 96 pce

For professional tint application, use Extra Soft RefectoCil's Eye Protection Papers with special coating (80 pcs) with each lash tint service. Reduce the risk of unwanted staining and eye contamination with soft papers designed to adhere gently and peel off with ease. Use with RefectoCil's Skin Protection & Eye Cream Mask for maximum results.


RefectoCil are the go-to specialists for all eyebrow and eyelash styling. With a wide range of colour tints, tools and preparation equipment, the RefectoCil range is perfect for busy studios and salons.

  1. Apply RefectoCil's Skin Protection & Eye Cream Mask on uncoated side of protection paper.
  2. Ask client to look upwards.
  3. Place paper gently underneath the lower eyelashes right to the edge of the eyelid.

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