RefectocilBrow Styling Strips 20 Applications

Sku: 17214
Perfectly style and shape brows in under 2 minutes with RefectoCil Brow Styling Strips. 20 Strips.

  • RefectoCil Brow Strips
  • Quick & easy application 
  • Suits all brow shapes
  • For men & women

Style and shape in one single application with RefectoCil Brow Styling Strips. Easy to apply, colour and wax brows of any size or style.


RefectoCil are the go-to specialists for all eyebrow and eyelash styling. With a wide range of colour tints, tools and preparation equipment, the RefectoCil range is perfect for busy studios and salons.

  1. Separate strips slowly so you have one strip for each eyebrow (left and right).
  2. Attach the pointier end of the strip at the beginning of the brow (near nose).
  3. Press the strip down firmly.
  4. Add desired colour to brows while strip acts as a template.
  5. After application time, remove tint with moistened wool pad. 
  6. Remove the strip off the skin (pulling it against the direction of hair growth, towards the nose).
  7. Hair between and outside of brows can be removed with additional strips.
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