Hair Colouring Classes

No matter your skill level or capability, Haircare Group has a colouring class to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to better your blonde, compliment your coppers or brush up on your brunettes, our world-class team of educators will harness your talent and grow your skills.

Learn about the colour brands that Haircare Group has to offer, hear about the latest techniques from around the world and leave our colour classes with a renewed sense of creativity and inspiration.

Our courses cover:

  • Evo, Hue-verse, Lakmé and 3Deluxe colour range
  • Global bleaching, toning and current colour trends
  • Colour correction and removal.

Discover our range of courses by scrolling the page below.

Info also accessible via our education calendars:


Lakmé Collaborative Colour Look And Learn
Hair Colouring May, October Studio: VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, SA

A long-awaited opportunity to reconnect with passionate industry stylists in this fun, inspiring networking forum.

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Lakmé Studio 3 Day Course
Hair Colouring July - September Studio: VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, SA

The 3 classes provide innovative knowledge of formulation, with a major focus on 2 new on-trend techniques in each class. Focus on chic, rich, velvet brunettes, bold, brash coppers with gradient shades and sunlit sand to creamy butter to white lace blondes.

Reshaping Lakmé Full Concept Product Knowledge
PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE/Hair Colouring March - November Virtual OR IN-SALON

Unpack the comprehensive information to master the new Reshaping Lakmé system. Discover the outstanding points of excellence.

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Reshaping Lakmé New Fashion shades
PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE/Hair Colouring April - September Virtual OR IN-SALON

Explore the comprehensive knowledge on the extensive high performing Fashion shades within the new Lakmé Reshaping Collage system.

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Reshaping Lakmé New Grey Coverage
Hair Colouring April - September In-Salon

Update your knowledge on high performing grey coverage options with the new Lakmé Reshaping Shades and Tones in the Collage system.

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Lakmé Global Bleaching Post Toning
PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE/Hair Colouring April - September Virtual

Eliminate the hesitancy when faced with a global bleach, by learning the competent steps to master a global lightening on virgin, regrowth, and challenging complicated applications.

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Lakmé Trio of Techniques

Trio of Techniques is the catalyst to build and maintain your colour clientele.

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Reshaping Lakmé: New Blondes
PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE/Hair Colouring March - November Virtual OR IN-SALON

Update your knowledge on high performing lightening options within the new Reshaping Collage System.

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Lakmé Cult Toning Palettes
PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE/Hair Colouring March - September Virtual OR IN-SALON

A session to unwrap the new Lakmé toning system through this interactive practical application of the high performing toning palettes

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Lakmé Hairline Hack Basin Smudge
Hair Colouring By Appointment In-Salon

Lakmé Hairline Hack creates a pop of facial colour completed with the NEW Lakmé shades to smudge for tonal balance and shine.

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Lakmé Refine the Art of Filling
Hair Colouring By Appointment In-Salon

Refining the Art of Filling is a step often overlooked due to time constraints or lack of know how in many salons.

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Chemistry of Hair Colour
Hair Colouring April - September Virtual

A journey into hair colour science for stylists who's passion lies in the how and why of colour chemistry.

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Evo Sir Mix-a-lot
PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE/Hair Colouring March - October Virtual

Join your pals; Fab Pro and Staino on the ultimate colour fusion revolution.

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Direct Dye Overload

If you’ve mastered the science behind colour and are left wanting more, Pete Koziell and team analog have just the class for you. Where creativity runs high and finger painting is encouraged as you use fab pro and staino to create any shade your heart desires.

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Not for the Paint Hearted
Hair Colouring May - October Studio: VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, SA

The dispelling of theories… the forging of new frontiers… this colour theory class is everything you could need when it comes to our colour.

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Base Coat Hue-verse Fundamentals
Product Knowledge/Hair Colouring March - September Virtual

Go where you’ve never been before and conquer the evo colour portfolio.

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Evo Throwing Shades
Hair Colouring April - October Studio: VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, SA

Roll up your sleeves and get those creative juices flowing in this hands-on creative colouring course.

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Evo Get Lit
Hair Colouring March - October Studio: VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, SA

Lovers of all things bright and shiny… this one's for you.

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Evo Breaking Hue Ground and Bottle Blonde
Product Knowledge/Hair Colouring MARCH - NOVEMBER Virtual OR IN-SALON

An entire cosmos of possibilities and it all starts here. Let Evo be your guiding light to colourful glory.

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Evo Let there Be Light
Hair Colouring April - October Virtual

This course contains a distinct lack of blondes in bottles. Instead, it covers express blonding techniques using the ever-reliable for all lightening situations.

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3Deluxe Base Colouring Product Knowledge
Product Knowledge/Hair Colouring March - August Virtual

A core course that provides fundamental knowledge to underpin the 3Deluxe Colour System.

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