DenmanDCB1 Cleaning Brush

Sku: 15558
Remove loose hair and fluff from any brush with the DCB1 Cleaning Brush by Denman.

  • Cleaning brush suitable for bristle brushes, ball-end brushes, plastic brushes or combs
  • Removes loose hair and fluff from any hairbrush
  • Dual-set of bristles to target hard to reach areas

The recommended retail price (RRP) for this item is $9.25.

The Denman DCB1 Cleaning Brush is the perfect tool for removing loose, dead hair and fluff from any bristle brush, ball-end brush, plastic brush or comb. This cleaning brush features bristles of the head for bulk removal, and a thin row of bristles at the bottom of the handle to target smaller, harder to reach areas.


Iconic by name, the Denman collection of hairbrushes and tools have been used in salons and households since 1938. Existing as the "hairdresser's hairbrush", Vidal Sassoon set Denman on the path to global recogntion by using these styling brushes to create the infamous bob in the 1960s.

Use to remove loose hair and fluff from any hairbrush.

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