Evo Fabuloso Pro Shaker

SKU: 24443
A colour shaker designed to mix colour preciusely and well, without the need to stir.

  • Measurements for precise formulations
  • Lid for easy shaking, no stirring required
fab pro Shaker is designed for professional colourists to create fab pro colour formulations in-salon. Measurements allow for precision while the addition of a lid means colourists can shake to combine direct dyes well, without the need to stir.


born from a desire to shake up the hair industry status quo, we have grown from an aussie upstart into a global movement of salons, stylists and free thinkers. from humble beginnings to big ideas… our mission has remained the same: saving ordinary humans from themselves.  

  1. Add desired fab pro Colour Intensifier(s) and Conditioner to the shaker, using measurements to guide quantities.
  2. Fasten closed with the lid and shake well to combine.

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