ResultsJumbo High Quality Perm Papers 1000pk

Sku: 04053
Ideal for setting the ends of hair, these Results High Quality Perforated Perm Papers in Jumbo come in a pack of 1000.

  • Perforated perming papers
  • High quality
  • Ideal for perming hair and roller setting
  • Helps hair achieve consistent, even curls
Using Results High Quality Perforated Perm Papers in Jumbo size, you can have consistent curling and protect your clients’ hair ends from dreaded “fish hooks” whilst perming and setting hair. Durable, strong and in a pack of 1000, these papers also prevent rollers from slipping out of hair, leaving a consistent, even curl through the hair. 


Professional salon brand Results has everything needed for a busy salon or studio. From waxing and haircare to safety equipment, the Results range caters to a wide variety of hair and beauty services.

The Book Wrap Paper Technique

The end paper is folded over the hair like placing the hair between the pages of a book then closing the pages together.

  1. Fold paper over hair section
  2. Slide the paper down, past the ends of the hair.
  3. Paper should overlap the ends of the hair by one complete turn of the rod. This helps prevent damage and fish hooks.

When using the book wrap technique, take care not to bunch the hair into the corner of the fold because it will prevent the hair from swelling evenly.

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