QuantumPerm Firm Options Alkaline 1 Application

Sku: 01055
For even, manageable curls use Quantum Firm Options Alkaline Perm (1 application).

  • Free From Claims Icons_Alcohol Free.png Alcohol Free
  • Free From Claims Icons_Paraben Free.png Paraben Free
  • Free From Claims Icons_Ammonia Free.png Ammonia Free
  • Free From Claims Icons_PPD Free.png PPD Free
  • Free From Claims Icons_Gluten Free.pn Gluten Free
  • Free From Claims Icons_Sulphate Free.png Sulphate Free
  • Free From Claims Icons_Silicone Free.png Silicone Free

  • Buffered Alkaline Perm Solution for firm curls
  • Infused with Argan Oil from Morocco
  • Formulated with Equalizer 3 Conditioner

For a more intense curl formation, use Quantum Firm Options Alkaline Perm. Infused with Argan Oil and Equalizer 3 Conditioner, giving any hair type well defined and manageable curls.  


  • For professionally trained technicians use only 
  • Always use appropriate safety protection when using any Perm activator.
  • Follow professional advice and product instructions.

  1. Wash and dry hair.
  2. Section hair and wrap to hold onto scalp shape.
  3. Place cotton strips around hairline and near the nape of the neck.
  4. Mix perm solution as per product instructions.
  5. Apply to hair as per instructions.
  6. Allow hair and solution to process as instructed.
  7. Dry off and style as required.

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