RefectocilMicellar Eye Makeup Remover

150ml | Sku: 17270
Strengthen lashes while removing Makeup with the RefectoCil Micellar Eye Makeup Remover 150ml.

  • Micellar technology 
  • Oil free
  • No rubbing, attracts makeup like a magnet
  • Lash strengthening
  • 150ml 

Using Micellar technology, this gentle yet effective Makeup Remover for eyes aids in strengthening lashes. Formulated with a 'magnetic' effect, this oil-free lotion needs no rubbing or pulling, protecting the delicate eye area from undue stress.  


RefectoCil are the go-to specialists for all eyebrow and eyelash styling. With a wide range of colour tints, tools and preparation equipment, the RefectoCil range is perfect for busy studios and salons.

  1. Apply to cotton swab or wipe.
  2. Swipe over eye area until clean.

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