WahlBella/Super Trimmer Blade 1590-7000

Sku: 05531
A trimmer blade ideal for shaping around the neck and hairline. Create the perfect finishing touch with the Precision Blade 1590-7000 by Wahl.

  • Trimmer blade designed for finishing touches and shaping around the neck or hairline
  • Standard snap on/off, satin chrome blade
  • Suitable for use with the Bella Trimmer and Super Trimmer
  • Made in Germany 

Designed for shaping around the neck and hairline, the Wahl Precision Blade 1590-7000 creates the perfect finishing touch for accurate cuts. Made in Germany, this satin chrome blade features a standard snap on/snap off function, and is suitable for use with the Bella Trimmer and the Super Trimmer. 


A household name in haircare, Wahl professional grooming products have been cutting and styling hair since 1919. With quality clippers, trimmers and more, it's easy to see why barbers and stylists choose Wahl. 

Suitable for use with the Wahl Bella Trimmer and Super Trimmer.
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