WahlClini-Clip Disinfectant Spray

Sku: 02819
Disinfect blades and clippers with Wahl Clini-Clip Disinfectant Spray 250ml.

  • Disinfect Wahl Clipper Blades
  • Kills bacteria in 2 minutes
  • 250ml Spray Bottle

Clean and kill germs with the Wahl Clini-Clip Disinfectant Spray. Designed for busy barber salons and hairdressing studios. The Clini Clip Spray instantly eradicates bacterial, fungicidal, virucidal and more organisms to keep your clients and staff safe and protected from germs. 


A household name in haircare, Wahl professional grooming products have been cutting and styling hair since 1919. With quality clippers, trimmers and more, it's easy to see why barbers and stylists choose Wahl. 

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