Denman DCC5 Precision Carbon Waver Comb Black 185mm

SKU: 15422
The Denman DCC5 Precision Carbon Waver Comb has two sets of teeth to provide damage-free detangling, styling and smoothing.

  • Ultra-smooth waver comb with dual-tension teeth
  • Offers the required grip needed for detangling, styling and smoothing
  • Widely-spaced teeth detangle, while narrowly-spaced teeth smooth and set
  • The flat style of teeth hold hair in place and banish fly-aways
  • Made from carbon fibre, offering strength, flexibility and anti-static benefits
  • Heat, chemical and impact resistant

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The Denman DCC5 Precision Carbon Waver Comb offers stylists who prefer a stiffer comb a carbon fibre solution that safeguards the hair from being broken or pulled. This ultra-smooth waver comb features two sets of teeth which offer the required grip needed for detangling, styling and smoothing. The widely-spaced teeth detangle the hair while the narrow teeth smooth and set the style. These flat teeth hold the hair in place while banishing fly-aways. DCC5 features carbon fibre properties that offer strength and flexibility with an excellent anti-static effect and are heat, chemical and impact resistant. Achieve perfection in performance and unparalleled accuracy with the Denman DCC5 Precision Carbon Waver Comb.


Iconic by name, the Denman collection of hairbrushes and tools have been used in salons and households since 1938. Existing as the "hairdresser's hairbrush", Vidal Sassoon set Denman on the path to global recogntion by using these styling brushes to create the infamous bob in the 1960s.

Use DCC5 for:
  • Detangling
  • Styling
  • Smoothing

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