CLOUD NINE Styling Gift Set

SKU: 07188
CLOUD NINE Styling Gift Set featuring a paddle brush and Evo Icon Welder Heat Protection Spray 50ml. Curated to compliment your hair styling regime.

Styling Gift Set includes:

1 x CLOUD NINE Paddle Brush

1 x Evo Icon Welder Heat Protection Spray 50ml

The recommended retail price (RRP) for this item is $45.50.


CLOUD NINE Irons, Wands and Hairdryers set the standard for professional styling with two exclusive collections Sericite and Alchemy. One for you, one for your clients. CLOUD NINE are transforming their collaboration with the haircare industry; in salons with Sericite and at home with Alchemy. Kinder to you. Kinder to your clients. Kinder to everyone.

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