Sea Change – Business Summit 2019


With full hearts and buzzing minds, we wrap up another year of Haircare Business Summit 2019. 

After 4 days of growth, reflection and memories, starting to understand broken bits of French and bodies sore from limbo dancing, we’re reflecting on some of our key takeaways from Noumea.


If you’ve ever wondered what paradise looks like, we found it.  From island hopping to swimming with sea turtles, a white party on the harbour to “Evo” Island’s stunning fireworks display we also found time to have an amazing line up of keynote speakers, who educated and inspired our attendees.

International speakers included Bruce Corbett, Phill Nosworthy, Lorean Cairns and Louise Mahler with presentations also from Haircare Head of Marketing Kate Dalwood and Social Media Manager Ashleigh Reinboth.

Below are some of our key take away points:

Bruce Cotterill
Speaking about the economy of the hair industry and the overall economic landscape in general, Bruce reinforced that people can become great influencers on their businesses by focussing on the things they can control.  By writing down ‘Nothing is predictable’ (and asking the crowd to each do the same), he outlined some of the key management messages.

Author of the book ‘The Best Leaders Don’t Shout’, Bruce’s presentation ensured all attendees left the Summit with a stronger sense of leadership, and actions on how they can improve their management of staff across their business.

Phill Nosworthy
One of our incredible guest speakers, Phill Nosworthy talked about self-care and how it impacts the people around you.  Kicking off with the statement “We can’t go professionally where we aren’t prepared to go personally,” Phill introduced attendees to notion that giving to and caring for yourself is the only long-term strategy for giving to others over the long term too.

Lorean Cairns
One of our favourite international salon owners and global Evo stockist, Lorean has taken a 3-chair salon to multiple sites across the US and now into Canada and spoke about how not being present in her business caused her plenty of headaches early on.

Now, with 150 staff members and $14 million in revenue, her message is clear – focussing on a strong culture, with clear non-negotiables set will set the business on the right path and allow staff to grow, be mentored and respected and in turn, be loyal, vital parts of a confident, successful business.

Dr. Louise Mahler
Dr. Louise Mahler is a body language expert and communications specialist who is also a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and also spent years on the European opera stage.  Her presentation offered advice on having a presence and influencing people through body language and how this impacts business at every level.

Promoting leadership and energy through actionable, practical and mind-opening techniques, our attendees were left feeling motivated and in control of their own presence and brand.

Kate Dalwood
The Head of Marketing for Haircare discussed that marketing in the hair industry is all about personal connection and a partnership is the key to success.

Highlighting some of the Macro trends across Conscious Consumption, Mental & Physical Wellbeing, Experience and Technology, she reiterated the trends of the marketing mix and where the key points are.

Ashleigh Reinboth
The Haircare Social Media Manager spoke openly about Authenticity vs Perfection and how authenticity is vital to success across social media platforms.

Showcasing examples of paid paparazzi vs. real paparazzi and the shifting focus to real Instagram content over content lacking authenticity, Ashleigh talked through the Instagram timeline, highlighting where influencers and brands started to use the platform and how users have yet again driven the shift towards real content.

Her key takeaway? “Be agile, trust your gut and remember why authenticity wins and is what will continue to cut through”.

As the sun sets on the Haircare Business Summit 2019, as our tans fade, we look forward to seeing how each of our attendees configure the key takeaways into their businesses.  

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