Purple Reign

purple-reign-featured-image-0221_1200x560_v2.jpgIf diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the number one, irreplaceable companion of blondes can’t be disputed – purple shampoo.

We’re taking a look at this staple category and the advancing technologies that make it continuously relevant. 

A refresher purple or blonde shampoo works to tone blonde hair, increasing the colour deposition of the violet pigments in the hair. On the colour wheel, the opposite of yellow is violet, therefore the violet pigments in purple shampoo help to remove unwanted yellow tones in the hair, reducing brassiness and keeping hair bright by prioritising both hair quality and colour.

Clients should use a purple shampoo in conjunction with their regular professional cleansers, working with the products intermittently, to different levels and as necessary to elevate, lengthen and care for their blonde hair tone and texture. As experts, colourists and clients will tell you from history and experience – there’s a reason it is now an iconic category with, on many levels, no fading in sight.

Within the category, a range of blonde shampoo products are available to suit various blonde hair tones. For example, Moroccanoil’s Blonde Perfecting Shampoo offers blue-violet suited to blonde, lightened brown and grey hair, Evo’s Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo cleanses and tones all blonde and lightened hair and the Lakmé Teknia White Silver Shampoo caters to targeted white and platinum blonde hair. Products address colour while also focusing on the feel, texture and quality of the hair, nourishing it without stripping it of its blonde hue.


Purple-Reign-Article-Image-1-0221_478x479.jpgMoroccanoil’s Blonde PerfectingShampoo harnesses some core tenets of the category. It is recommended for use on an as-need basis, usually about every three cleanses, to be left on for three to five minutes so the pigment can deposit. Users can tailor this to their needs, as the porosity of the hair will influence the visual intensity of the blue-violet tone and should be adjusted as needed. The product uses a gentle, sulfate-free cleansing system plus ArganIDTM to seal the cuticle and protect the life of the hair colour, reducing brassiness in blonde, grey or lightened brunette hair.



In-keeping with the benefits of purple shampoo, Evo’s Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo treats clients suffering from brassy, dull and dry hair, neutralising yellow hues to cleanse, revive and tone hair at once. The sulfate-free formula protects against colour fading, and can be used at varying levels for tailored results, leaving hair soft, nourished and strengthened for improved manageability. Pair this with the Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Boosting Treatment for amplified toning and shine. Both Evo products are created with a professional-standard pigment to neutralise unwanted brassy, yellow tones in the hair.


The Lakmé TEKNIA White Silver Shampoo eliminates yellow specifically in white hair, preventing the emergence of undesired warm tones while reviving the hair’s purity and shine. The vegan formula is paraben-free and mineral oil free, instead using the active ingredients of lotus and cationic polymer derived from plants to moisturise, condition, protect and care for the scalp. The product caters to all the senses, with a green, antioxidant scent with lemon essential oil and citrus fragrances, caring for even more than feel and aesthetic. Using these shampoos intermittently in your clients’ haircare regimen, in order to personalise results, is the at-home hair necessity that protects and elevates your stellar colour work. Harness your salon expertise to recommend the purple shampoo that works for your clients’ haircare needs and make this year one of brighter, better, touchable blondes.