One Man Three Looks with Reuzel Styling Products

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the challenge to create three looks on one model using only Reuzel products. 

Jono Goodwin, @taperedout, proud Reuzel Scumbassador and Head Barber at Tommy Guns Carindale, took on the challenge to create three looks on one model using only Reuzel products.

From long square layers to a slicked back mullet and a skin fade pompadour, Jono shared his knowledge with us showing how he earned the coveted Scumbassador title.

When putting the collection together, Jono was inspired by a photoshoot done by Reuzel’s one and only Bertus AKA @the_bloody_butcher called How to grow your hair like a Rockstar. “I thought it was awesome how he transitioned his model through heaps of different looks starting off quite long and ending really short, so that’s what we did”.


“My model Jesse came in with really long dry curly hair. His girlfriend had cut it last (classic covid cut), so it was a bit all over the place but still totally had 1980’s rock hair vibes. I thought let’s get these curls to pop and channel some 1980’s Rock Gods lol.

We started by evening it all up and put in some square layers which are my go-to in long men’s cuts as the square layers have a masculine feel to them. Jesse’s hair was a little dry as he works in construction, so the Reuzel Beard Foam worked to put moisture back into his hair. Beard Foam is my go-to in any curly hair as it works beautifully as a leave in conditioner and helps a lot with getting the curls to start to pop. We finished it off with the Grooming Creme for a little bit of extra hold. We had our man looking like an 80’s Rock God lessgo.”


“My second cut of the collection was a slick back mullet. It’s definitely mullet season in Australia right now but this particular mullet was definitely inspired by none other than 1990’s Billy Ray Cyrus, arguably the most iconic mullet of the 90’s.

Jesse’s hair has quite a bit of a curl to it so using Grooming Tonic while the hair was wet and blow drying it to shape worked really well to get rid of the curl. We then finished off with one of my favourites, Reuzel Pink Grease Pig Pomade. As Pink is a heavy hold product I like to use once the hair is already in shape. I applied it into the hair and then used the blow dryer free hair to kind of melt it into place.

Oil based pomades are so under rated as people don’t like dealing with oil build up. I find when using an oil based you can get 2 days out of the style which is awesome for anyone that doesn’t have the time to style daily. I really think we got Jesse in full Billy Ray mode. On a side note, Jesse and I almost cried cutting off his beautiful mullet.”


“How could I put together a Reuzel photo collection without getting inspiration from a timeless classic, the skin fade pompadour, made famous by none other than the lords of the lard, from the holy ash tray that is Schorem en Barbier.

I remember when Reuzel’s Skin Fade Pompadour Tutorial first came out on YouTube I was addicted to watching it and trying to perfect my own skin fade pomps, of its 2.7 million views I think I am responsible for at least a thousand of them.

The pompadour is 100% a timeless classic so what better way to finish off this collection with a skin fade pompadour with a bit of difference. I thought let’s give it a modern twist, a little bit looser and styled with matte products, and what better matte duo than Surf Tonic and Extreme Hold Matte Pomade. Starting off, I blow dried Surf Tonic in the hair get a nice dry base for our pompadour. I then finished it with Extreme Hold Matte Pomade for a beautiful matte modern twist and used a wide tooth comb to give the pomp a nice loose feel.”

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