KwickwayThermal Strips Blue 20cm - 200 Pack

Sku: 19722
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Use Kwickway Thermal Strips Blue 20cm 200 pkt for perfect highlight and colour application.

  • Blue 20cm 200 pkt Thermal Strips
  • For highlighting hair services
  • Fast processing times
  • 2 x colours and sizes to choose from 
  • Reusable

Exclusive to professional salons only, the Kwickway Thermal Highlight Strips in Blue are the pro choice globally for professional hair tinting services. With 2 different colours and sizes to choose from, create a multi level look with the Kwickway Thermal Strip System.


  • For professional salon use only 
  • Always use appropriate safety protection when highlighting hair 

  1. Place strips underneath hair section to be coloured.
  2. Apply colour onto strips and hair evenly and lightly to avoid bleeding.
  3. Fold or overlap with a second strip, apply light pressure.
  4. To check tinting results, peel back a corner of a strip and reseal to close.
  5. Repeat Step 1 to 3 until desired effect.

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