Star Struck Star Struck Silver Pop Up Foil 5cm x 11cm 500 Sheets

SKU: 38436
No preparation required. Use these pre-cut, non-stick, heavy foil sheets and save valuable salon time.

  • Designed for salon use
  • Embossed to prevent slippage
  • Pre-folded for instant application
  • 5 x 11 size 
  • 500 sheets in box
  • Great for balayage and highlights

With an amazing grip, the Framar Star Struck Silver Pop Up Foils are an easy addition to your salon supply kit. Pre-cut sheets to save time, Framar knows how important preparation is to a hair stylist's day. Embossed to prevent colour slippage, and pre-folded for instant application - colour services will get a ultimate boost with these Framar Foil Sheets. 

Star Struck

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