DenmanMatte Frost Clippie 5cm 8pk

Sku: 15508
The Denman Matte Frost Clippies come in a pack of 8 clips, with 4 varying colours. A great all-rounder to keep smaller sections of hair in place.

  • Traditional clip style designed to provide good grip in the hair
  • Excellent for children or fine hair
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • 8 pack of clips
  • 4 different clip colours per pack
  • Clips are 5cm in length

The recommended retail price (RRP) for this item is $5.10.

The Denman Matte Frost Clippies features 8 clips in 4 varying colours. Also known as a 'snap clip', this traditional style of clip is great for children or holding fine hairs in place. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, the Frost Clippies offer excellent grip and glamourous style.


Iconic by name, the Denman collection of hairbrushes and tools have been used in salons and households since 1938. Existing as the "hairdresser's hairbrush", Vidal Sassoon set Denman on the path to global recogntion by using these styling brushes to create the infamous bob in the 1960s.

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