Evo Perfect Match

Styling By Appointment In-Salon: Presented by the H Team


Fall head over heels for our favourite product combos in this interactive styling session. Learn how to cocktail, blend and layer for unique results and finishes. Walk away confident in all types of product application and ready to win the hearts and hairs of your clients... bad pickup lines not included.


  • Cocktail, blend and layer products to create unique finishes
  • Learn how to elevate your shape using product
  • Gain confidence in product application and everyday styling
  • Learn styling tips and tricks

If you would like this class in-salon, please contact Haircare Group education team.


Give it a TwirlJN3300_give-it-a-twirl_780x525px_July2022.jpg

The Top Mop

The Dapper ChapJN3300_the-dapper-chap_780x525px_July2022.jpg

Salty SlickedJN3300_salty-slick_780x525px_July2022.jpg

Whipped MulletJN3300_whipped-mullet_780x525px_July2022.jpg

Best of the ScrunchJN3300_best-of-the-scrunch_780x525px_July2022.jpg

Luck ClipJN3300_luck-clip_780x525px_July2022.jpg

Keep It CasualJN3300_keep-it-casual_780x525px_July2022.jpg

Curtain CallJN3300_curtain-call_780x525px_July2022.jpg

Flipped OutJN3300_flipped-out_780x525px_July2022.jpg

Bob's Your UncleJN3300_bobs-your-uncle_780x525px_July2022.jpg

Fringe BenefitsJN3300_fringe-benefits_780x525px_July2022.jpg

Making WavesJN3300_education-Image_780x525px_July2022.jpg