Lakmé: Grey Coverage

Hair Colouring | All Levels February - October Virtual

Refresh your knowledge on high performing grey coverage options with the full portflolio of The Lakmé colour system.


Grey coverage is about restoring the clients hair to its natural beauty acheived by ensuring shades and tones are related to client suitability. The new Lakmé Colour system provides grey coverage with choices from cellophane multi dimension to saturation effects with seamless blending. Thorough consultation to determine and select from the vast palette of colours will result in natures beautiful tones that customise grey coverage.


  • Expand your grey coverage offering with a thorough understanding of the Grey coverage Lakme system. selection with the new Lakmé
  • Gain confidence to select bespoke colour mixes
  • Learn the valuable guidelines for mixing formulations
  • Understand the developers that integrate with the complete Lakmé colour system