Reshaping Lakmé: New Grey Coverage

Hair Colouring April - September In-Salon

Update your knowledge on high performing grey coverage options with the new Lakmé Reshaping Shades and Tones in the Collage system.


New Lakmé Reshaping Shades and Tones in the Collage system, together with the new Reshaping Gloss shades to blend with seamless tone. A thorough consultation to determine and select from the vast new palette of colours to customise grey coverage.


  • Revive your knowledge to expand your grey coverage selection with the new Lakmé Reshaping shades and tones
  • Gain confidence to select bespoke colour mixes, create multi-textured tones with the opulent new Lakmé system
  • Learn the new guidelines for mixing formulations and the new range of conditioning
  • Understand the developers that integrate with the complete Lakmé colour system


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