Caron Large Spatulas 100pk

SKU: 20224
Best applicator sticks for leg and body wax services, the Caron Spatula Tongue Depressors are the most hygienic solution to apply hard and strip wax to larger skin surfaces.

  • Professional Wax Applicators 
  • For face, brows, upper lip and chin area
  • Can be used on hard & strip wax application
  • Flexible design
  • Mess free 
  • 100 pack

An essential tool for any beauty technician, the Caron Spatula Large Tongue Depressor 100 pack is a must for all professional waxing services. To use on the legs and body, avoid mess and wasted wax with these professional wax applicators.


  • For professional wax application
  1. Apply wax with Spatula Icy Pole.
  2. Wax the area as required.
  3. Repeat as needed.

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