Caron Viva Azure Shimmer Strip Wax

800ml | SKU: 20039
Perfect for summer skin, use Microwavable Caron Viva Azure Shimmer Strip Wax Strips for sparkling results.

  • 800ml microwavable tub
  • Made with Mica for added shimmer
  • Azulene soothes and calms
  • Won't leave sticky residue
  • Ideal for short, stubborn hairs
  • Economical - 36 leg waxes per jar

Infused with Mica and Azulene, the Caron Viva Azure Microwavable Strip Wax 800ml is the perfect summer wax treatment. Known for its exceptional results removing shorter, stubborn hair, this high performance wax formula glides on quickly and waxes off smoothly. 


  1. Thinly apply heated wax to desired area.
  2. Wax the area as required.
  3. Repeat as needed.

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