Caron Strawberry Delight Cartridge Fixed Head

100ml | SKU: 20064
Quick and easy fixed roller head cartridges that deliver excellent results, use Caron Strawberry Delight Wax Strips all year round.

  • Fixed Roller Head
  • Formulated with Strawberry Essence
  • 100ml Cartridges 
  • Dries quickly
  • Fast and effective
  • For delicate and sensitive skin
  • To be used with Caron Wax Cartridge Heaters

Formulated with Strawberry Essence for delicate & sensitive skin, the Caron Strawberry Delight Clear Wax Fixed Head Cartridges are great for fast and effective professional waxing. To be used with Caron Cartridge Professional Heaters.


  1. After heating, apply wax strip to desired area.
  2. Wax the area as required.
  3. Repeat as needed.

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